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LX Soccer Camp



Implementing cutting edge coaching techniques, LX Soccer Camp has been designed and developed to train soccer stars to rise to the top!

LX Soccer Camp offers a premier program focused on building individual skills. Campers watch and learn from our expert coaching staff as they demonstrate proper technique, then try out their new skills under game pressure in competitive play.

Emphasis is placed on technique and tactical understanding of the game while training players to focus on field awareness, passing, assists and defense protection. Coaches break down each skill to its simplest and most raw form, ideal for building upon and perfecting the skills of each and every player!

The latest techniques in coaching are utilized as we break down each skill into its simplest form to help build the players from the ground up. Emphasis is placed on technique and tactical understanding of the game while training the players to focus on court awareness, player positioning, passing, assists and defense protection.

Skills Learned & Practiced

  • Ball Mastery
  • Receiving & Passing 
  • 1v1 Attack & Defense
  • Speed
  • Finishing
  • Group Play

Typical Day

Starting in 2019, for more time in their favorite programs, LX Campers no longer will have an optional free swim period.

Equipment Requirements

  • Shin Guards
  • Soccer shoes (indoor & outdoor)
  • Athletic Sneakers for Indoor Exercises & Activities
  • Colored Mouthguard (Optional)
LINX Camps Promotional Pricing

*Promotional camp rates (1 week at $669, 2-3 weeks at $654/each, 4-7 weeks at $634/each, 8+ weeks at $609/each) - orig. $669/week Lunch for only $55 per week when you register for 8 or more weeks, $60 per week when registering for 4-7 weeks, $65 when registering for 2-3 weeks and $65 for registering for 1 week (orig. $65/week)



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Rhys Thomas

Rhys Thomas brings soccer and IT expertise along with his much loved British accent and fun loving attitude back to LINX Camps for a second summer, as Soccer and IT Camps Coordinator for Summer 2018. He is a graduate of The University of Sheffield (South Yorkshire, England) with a BA in Business Management with Employment Experience. He’s been a passionate soccer player since the age of 6 (playing every chance he gets), led training sessions, ran competitions at school, and was the captain of his team for many years. During the non-summer months, Rhys worked as a Project Manager in a team of web designers and developers, fine-tuning his leadership skills. Teamwork is the key to his success both in and out of work, and a vital part of working at LINX.

Rhys’ proven ability to engage the kids in fun, learning, and all-around good sportsmanship is complemented by his personal mantra, “giving your all is far more important than winning.” Like his role model Maya Yoshida, a Southampton soccer player, you can count on Rhys to give his best and set an example. “So many soccer players these days have a big ego and think they’re bigger than the team, but Maya just keeps his head down, works hard for the team and always steps in when he’s needed. He’s a prime example of what all professional sports players should strive to be like, and I always try my best to work and give my all for my team in the same way.” Rhys looks forward to sharing his passion for soccer and encouraging campers to love the game as much as he does.