LX Tennis Camp (Co-Ed)


With five courts and an elite coaching staff, LX Tennis Camp helps each player advance to the next level!

LX Tennis Camp counselors break each part of the game into simple technique so campers can perfect the step-by-step process needed to be a complete player. Drills, challenges, skill stations, and tournaments are all part of the program designed to engineer a better athlete. Players are conditioned to understand and embrace athletic endurance, agility, and court-appropriate aggressiveness. In addition, LX Tennis Campers also enjoy skill clinics, mini-tournaments and beat-the-coach challenges. In the unfortunate event of rain, campers practice tennis drills and conditioning on our indoor squash courts.

Our elite tennis program is directed by experienced coaches and tennis professionals who are skilled at helping individual players advance to the next skill level.

Skills Learned & Practiced

  • Serving
  • Court Awareness
  • Agility

Typical Day

LX Tennis Campers have 4 tennis training periods per day plus a 30 minute lunch period, optional free swim, and attend opening and closing ceremonies with other LX Sports Campers.

If your camper is looking for a more traditional camp experience, consider LINX Tennis Camp. LINX Tennis Campers have 3 periods of tennis per day, a 1 hour swim period (which includes a 30 minute lesson plus 30 minutes free swim), a 1 hour lunch period, and one period per day of traditional camp activities. Additionally, LINX Tennis Campers attend the General Camp opening and closing ceremonies. See the chart below for a comparison of LX and LINX Sports Camps. Or click to learn more about LINX Tennis Camp.

Equipment Requirements

  • Tennis/Athletic Shoes
  • Tennis Racquet
LINX Camps Promotional Pricing

*Promotional camp rates (1 week at $669, 2-3 weeks at $654/each, 4-7 weeks at $634/each, 8+ weeks at $609/each) - orig. $669/week **Busing for only $35 per week when you register for 8 or more weeks, $40 per week when registering for 4-7 weeks, $50 per week when registering for 2-3 weeks, $60 when registering for 1 week (orig. $80/week); Lunch for only $40 per week when you register for 8 or more weeks, $45 per week when registering for 4-7 weeks, $55 when registering for 2-3 weeks and $60 for registering for 1 week (orig. $65/week)


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